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Shel Harrington - Marriage, New Words, and Embracing the Next Stage of Your Life

Updated: May 15, 2022

Welcome to Chapter 17 of the Bookcast! Some quick reminders:

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My guest for this episode is Shel Harrington. Shel is a humorist who writes for a (chronologically!) mature audience at and has over 490,000 followers on her smile-inducing Fat-Bottom-Fifties Get Fierce Facebook page. In her other life, Shel is a seasoned Family Law attorney who writes and speaks about how to put her out of business by doing marriage better. Shel is the author of Over 50, Defined – Words Just For Us That Aren’t in the Dictionary . . . Yet! and her upcoming book, Over 50, Defined – More Quinbloits! is due out later this year. You can also connect with Shel through Twitter. In our conversation, Shel and I talk about her book and some sample quinbloits, how her faith influences both her approach to family law and her writing, and we even get into some marriage and parenting advice - it’s a full-service conversation.

Amy Prokopis is our reviewer for this episode. Amy is an Oklahoma author writing for young adults. She graduated from Oklahoma State University with a degree in English and German and has since gone on to get her masters in School Counseling. Her latest book, "The Arena" is a science fiction book fit for lovers of "The Hunger Games" and bookworms who enjoyed the political thrill of "Dune." You can get updates about her writing from her Instagram (@amyprokopis) and read the first chapter of "The Arena" for free on her website - You can also connect with Amy on TikTok and YouTube.

Amy is reviewing Everyone in this Room Will Someday be Dead by Emily Austin

Mentioned on the show:

Remember - you can purchase the books mentioned on this or any episode through my partnership with 10% of your purchase goes to support your preferred indie bookstore and another 10% goes to support literacy organizations in Oklahoma.

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