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Turning Experience into Story - Author and Poet Paul Juhasz

My guest for Chapter 59 is author and poet, Paul Juhasz. A graduate of the Red Earth M.F.A., Paul’s work has appeared in several literary journals, most recently Concho River Review, Poetry Quarterly, Oklahoma Review and Main Street Rag. He has served as curator and coordinator of the Woody Guthrie Poets since 2020. He has four books, including his most recent - As If Place Matters - a collection of short fiction.

In our conversation we talk about all of Paul’s work across genres and forms and his approach to connecting his lived experiences to his writing. We also get into how he unravels problems in his writing. This is a great conversation for readers and writers alike with some important things to say about how our history informs what we create. Quick content note: We talk about coping with childhood trauma and self-harm so please be aware of that content going into the conversation.

Connect with Paul: Instagram | Facebook

Paul's Books:

Mentioned on the show:

Running with Scissors - Augusten Burroughs

Letters to Wendy’s - Joe Wenderoth

Hamlet - William Shakespeare

No Country for Old Men - Corman McCarthy

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