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Schedule Your One-on-One Setup Review Video Call

Want to make sure you sound great before your interview? Want to practice connecting to your platform and confirm all of your technology is working as it should? Let J help you with that. 

Schedule a 15-minute video call with J to review your technology and room setup and to give you a chance to connect to a couple of the primary recording platforms and get a feel for what to expect. 

Come to your interview experience with confidence that you sound professional and know exactly how to get connected. 

In the call we can review:

  • Headphone and microphone setup and placement

  • The sound quality of the space you are recording in

  • Using your settings to adjust volume

  • Connecting to recording platforms and making sure your audio settings are correct

  • Checking out your background for anything that might be distracting on a video recording

Schedule Your Call

Select your date and time and then enter your payment information to set up your call. You'll receive a Zoom link via email for the conversation. 

Questions? Contact J at

NOTE: Times are listed as Eastern Time. 

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