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Your Next Great Read is a monthly conversation from the Okie Bookcast focused on connecting you with books you're going to love.

Co-hosts Hannah Herron and J Hall are joined by a guest each month to talk about books they think you should know. 

You can find all of the books at our shop or via the links below. 

November Titles

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October 2023

September 2023

August 2023

Year One Your Next Great Read Playlist




Links to books from these episodes can be found in the show notes or by visiting the Your Next Great Store on

Lydia Filiou

Battle Royale - Koushun Takami

Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit - Jeanette Winterson

The Hunger Games - Suzanne Collins

Notes of a Crocodile - Qiu Miaojin (Author) / Bonnie Huie (Translator)



The Only One Left - Riley Sager

Everyone Here is Lying - Shari Lapena

Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing: A Memoir - Matthew Perry

The Vegetarian - Han Kang



The Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny, and Murder - David Grann

The Balloon Hunter - Hugh Howey and Elinor Taylor

Red Sneaker Writers series - William Bernhardt

The Remembrance of Earth’s Past Trilogy - Liu Cixin

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