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WriterCon 2022

I got to hang out at WriterCon in OKC for a couple of days where I spent time talking with authors about their work. This episode is a compilation of those conversations with each author giving a 60-second talk about one of their books.

In this episode, you'll hear from 22 authors from all over the country. Everything from children's books to mysteries to thrillers about Bigfoot. You're sure to find a book or two to love.

Authors and Books Featured in the Episode

All books available via the author's connection or at

Kat Lewis - Rogue Defender
Kristy Werner - Resurrection
Jenny Simard LaBranche - Kingdoms of Shadow and Flame
Adele Holmes - Winter's Reckoning
Mark Jones - Shadowed Souls
Kathleen Park - The Code Talkers
Walda Collins - A Warrior’s Sword: 10 Strategies to Build Hope and Stand Strong in the Midst are of a Battle
Marlys Gallagher - When Elephants Roar
Cary Herwig - The Ghost's Daughter
Super Author Granny - You Can Be A Super Author Too!
Cheri Decker - Heaven Hill
Barbara Mehnert - Max Sterling Privately Investigating
Shel Harrington - Over 50, Even More Defined
Bryan Farney - Four Ways Dead
Cherie Waggie - No More Heroes
Cynthia Jenkins - BUD
Melonie B. Hylan - Ashes, Ashes...
Christy Johnson - Love Junkies: 7 Steps for Breaking the Toxic Relationship Cycle
Shelley White - Penny Gothic
Betsey Kulakowski - The Veritas Codex
Kimberly Atkins - Empowering Women to Walk in God's Glory
Sheila Gunlock - Groovy Granny and the Character Bees

Interested in WriterCon? 

For more on WriterCon 2023 and other opportunities from Red Sneaker Writers, check out the WriterCon website and Facebook page. 

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