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Dr. Karlos K. Hill - Telling the Stories of Victims and Survivors with Love

Welcome to Chapter 18 of the Okie Bookcast! Couple of quick reminders: - Our first Bookcast Newsletter will drop June 1. If you haven't subscribed yet on the website, take a minute to sign up at - I've had an incredible response to the Behind the Rain audio anthology and a fantastic lineup of poets and poems is coming your way on June 15. CONTENT NOTE: My guest, Dr. Karlos Hill, studies and writes about difficult topics related to racial violence so there are some terms and events referenced in our conversation that might be difficult for younger listeners to understand and might be triggering to other listeners.

My guest is Dr. Karlos K. Hill. Karlos is Chair and Associate Professor of the Clara Luper Department of African and African-American Studies at the University of Oklahoma. He is an author and community-engaged scholar, who brings historical perspective to difficult racial events that impact the Black experience and our culture today. Karlos is the author of three books and is the founder of the Tulsa Race Massacre Oklahoma Teachers Summer Institute and serves on the Board of the Clara Luper Legacy Committee. He is a sought-after speaker and interview guest for outlets like CNN, USA Today, and Time Magazine and also a regular contributor to The Nation. You can connect with Karlos and find his work at Jamie Hale provides our review for this episode. Jamie is an Information Services librarian for with the Pioneer Library System where she's been involved in adult and teen programming for 14 years. She enjoys jigsaw puzzles, trivia, musical theater, and anything Disney related. In addition to her work with Pioneer Libraries, Jamie spent three years involved with the Sequoyah Book Award on the High School Reading Team division and says she enjoys young adult literature as well as mystery and suspense novels. Jamie is reviewing The Reading List by Sara Nisha Adams. Mentioned on the Show: The 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre: A Photographic History - Dr. Karlos K. Hill Tulsa Race Massacre Oklahoma Teachers Summer Institute Greenwood Cultural Center John Hope Franklin Center for Reconciliation Watchmen (television series) The Nation The Murder of Emmitt Till: A Graphic History - Dr. Karlos K. Hill and Dave Dodson Dave Dodson Robinson Crusoe - Daniel Defoe Behold the Walls - Clara Luper Music by JuliusH

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