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Friends Talking Books w/ Martha, Magen, and Vonnie from the 3 Book Girls podcast

Welcome to Chapter 47! Today I'm joined by 3 of the hosts of the 3 Book Girls podcast - Martha, Magen, and Vonnie. We have a blast talking about their podcast, a ton of books from every genre, and how the 3BG are essentially The Avengers.

Since they review books, I asked Magen to provide the review for this episode and she talks about Love and Other Great Expectations by Becky Dean.

Connect with 3 Book Girls: website | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | TikTok

Mentioned on the Show:


Ken Follett

The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien

Odd Thomas - Dean Koontz


Ali Hazelwood

Book Lovers - Emily Henry

So This Is Christmas - Tracy Andreen

If This Gets Out - Sofie Gonzalez and Cale Deitrich

Unmasked - Paul Holes

First King of Shannara - Terry Brooks

Shadowhunters - Cassandra Clare


Stephen King

Dungeon Crawler Carl - Matt Dinniman

Undercurrents - Mary Anna Evans

Small Gods - Terry Pratchett

Children of Time - Adrian Tchaikovsky

Empire of Silence - Christopher Ruocchio

Maeve Fly - C. J. Leede

The Princess of Mars - Edgar Rice Burroughs


Frog Music - Emma Donoghue

The Power - Naomi Alderman

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