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Jerry Bennett - Comics Artist and Illustrator

Welcome to Chapter 19 of the Okie Bookcast!

Jerry Bennett is a full time illustrator and art director and is one of the great comic creators in Oklahoma. He has done work for local film company Reckless Abandonment Pictures, Invisible Layers, Oklahoma Today magazine, Okie Comics, Stan Lee, Marvel, DC and Lucasfilm. He also creates the Chicken Fried News illustrations in the Oklahoma Gazette and serves as the illustrator Coordinator for the Oklahoma/Arkansas region of the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators. He is currently working with Charles J Martin (who you met way back in chapter one) on an incredible comic called Glamorella’s Daughter which has just finished its first four-issue run and has a volume one trade releasing later this month. You can see Jerry's work at his website - or connect with him on Twitter or Instagram.

Rachel Elliott is an author-illustrator of comics for young readers. Her debut middle grade graphic novel, THE REAL RILEY MAYES, is an LGBTQ+ story set in Oklahoma and has received multiple starred reviews. Rachel grew up in Pryor, Oklahoma, and took drawing lessons at a neighbor's farm. She now teaches first-year composition, multimedia writing, and writing comics at the University of Kentucky.

Rachel is reviewing Come Over, Come Over by Lynda Barry

Mentioned on the show:

John Byrne - Fantastic 4 and X-Men

Arthur Adams - X-Men: Longshot

Salt Magic - Hope Larson and Rebecca Mock

This Was Our Pact - Ryan Andrews

March - Rep. John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell

The Murder of Emmett Till - Dr. Karlos K. Hill and David Dodson

Glamorella's Daughter - Jerry Bennett and Charles J. Martin

Laron Chapman - You People

Stray Dogs - Tony Fleecs

Immortal Hulk - Al Ewing and Joe Bennett

Sea of Stars - Jason Aaron and Dennis Hallum

Come Over, Come Over - Lynda Barry

Music by JuliusH

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