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Navigating the Journey of Indie Authorship - Amy Prokopis and Tyler Lenz

It's Chapter 42! For our conversation today, we're taking a look at indie authorship with a couple of fantastic young independent authors - Tyler Lenz and Amy Prokopis.

Tyler Lenz was born in Enid, OK, and attended college at Oklahoma State University. He lives in Moore, OK with his wife, Roxanne, and two children where he currently works as the communications manager for a trucking company. Tyler has always enjoyed writing but only recently started taking it seriously after releasing his first book, "The Seam: Book One of Texas Accelerated." Connect with Tyler: TikTok | Facebook | Instagram

Amy Prokopis is a friend of the podcast. She provided a review way back in episode 17 and was also featured in our Where Are They Now episode from January. Amy writes young adult fiction - everything from science fiction to fantasy to contemporary romance. Amy’s latest book is the second in her Guardians of the Sixth Gate trilogy. It’s called Shade of the Shadowlands and just released on May 30! Connect with Amy: website | Instagram | TikTok Our review is from debut author Christina Rost. Christina’s contemporary romance novel, called The Decision, just released from Scrivenings Press. Connect with Christina: website | Facebook

Christina is reviewing a book called UnDistracted: Capture Your Purpose Rediscover Your Joy by one of my favorite authors and speakers - Bob Goff.

Mentioned on the Show: The Seam - Tyler Lenz The Arena - Amy Prokopis Guardians of the Sixth Gate - Amy Prokopis Shade of the Shadowlands - Amy Prokopis Adrian's Undead Diary - Chris Philbrook Bobiverse Series - Dennis E. Taylor The Serpent and the Wings of Night - Carissa Broadbent Harry Potter Series - J.K. Rowling Hatchet - Gary Paulson The Decision - Christian Rost Undistracted: Capture Your Purpose. Rediscover Your Joy - Bob Goff

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