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Oklahoma Small Towns and Ghost Towns - Jeff Schmidt

Welcome to Chapter 60! And welcome back! I'm so excited to be back from hiatus and bringing you bookish conversations with great authors like Jeff Schmidt.

Jeff is the author of the brand new book Here Today: Oklahoma’s Ghost Towns, Vanishing Towns, and Towns Persisting against the Odds. Jeff is an Associate Professor of Marketing in the Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma where he has taught since 2005. Jeff specializes in innovation and he also serves as Associate Division Director of Marketing and Supply Chain Management.

Jeff has been exploring ghost towns for more than 25 years and spent 4 years and traveled 8,000 miles working on the Here Today book. In our conversation we get to hear a ton of stories about these towns across Oklahoma as well as the thought and care and passion Jeff brought to this project. It is a fascinating look at our wild state that I know you’re going to love.

Connect with Jeff: Website | Twitter |Instagram | Facebook | LinkedIn

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