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Representing Culture - Award-Winning Children's Author, Mariana Llanos

It's Chapter 31 of the Okie Bookcast! My guest is award-winning children's author, Mariana Llanos. Mariana is a Peruvian-born writer of children’s books who has lived in Oklahoma since 2002 and started her publishing career in 2013 with her book Tristan Wolf. She is the author of 12 published books, the latest of which, Run Little Chaski, an Inka Trail Adventure, won the 2022 Oklahoma Book Award in the children’s books category. She also recently released an audio story titled Qoritika and the Three Alpacas, produced by Sony Music Entertainment. Connect with Mariana: Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Website Our review comes from June Coleman. June is a retired Language Arts teacher from Yukon. Always wanting to write a book, reading about Fred Rogers caught her attention when he wrote, “Let some word that is heard be yours.” June says we are never too old to change our trajectory; but we must be willing to step WAY OUT of our comfort zones. So, she did just that in releasing her debut Christian children’s book “Introducing Joyfull Lee” for ages 5-9. Her purpose was to promote reading and show children what forgiveness and grace looks like in a world somewhat lacking in both. June says that chocolate won’t solve many problems, but it’s a fine place to start. June reviews 96 Miles by J. L. Esplin. Connect with June: Instagram | Facebook Mentioned on the Show: Run Little Chaski - Mariana Llanos Run Little Chaski song in English and Spanish Qoritika and the Three Alpacas - Mariana Llanos LatinX Pitch SCBWI The Last Cuentista - Donna Barba Higuera Singing with Elephants - Margarita Engel Introducing Joyfull Lee - June Coleman 96 Miles - J. L. Esplin

Music by JuliusH

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