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University Press Editorial Director, Andrew Berzanskis

Welcome to Chapter 34! I had the joy of talking with Andrew Berzanskis, Editorial Director for the University of Oklahoma Press. Andrew has worked in publishing for two decades, during which his work involved acquiring books for the University of Washington Press, West Virginia University Press, and the University of Georgia Press. He got his start in university press publishing through an editorial fellowship at the University of Texas Press.

In our conversation, you’ll learn about the mission of OU Press and some of the similarities and differences between university presses and the larger commercial publishers. We also talk about the kinds of books featured by OU Press and Andrew walks through the publication process from acquisition to production, including some incredible advice for authors interested in working with these presses. Connect with Andrew and OU Press: Website | Andrew on Twitter | OU Press on Twitter

Doing something a little different with the review this month. The book is Rilla Askew's Prize for the Fire, reviewed by Rilla (giving a synopsis of the book from Chapter 30 of the show) and me providing a short review (from the November episode of Your Next Great Read).

Mentioned on the show: Prize for the Fire - Rilla Askew The Good Country: A History of the American Midwest, 1800-1900 - Jon Lauck A Promise Kept: The Muscogee (Creek) Nation and McGirt v. Oklahoma - Robert J. Miller and Robbie Ethridge Brandon Hobson Joy Harjo Sanora Babb Way I See It - Wampus Reynolds Pekolah Stories - Amanda Bales Garth Brooks: The Road Out of Santa Fe - Matt O'Meilia Woody Guthrie Literati Press Comics and Novels Magic City Books Full Circle Books Music by JuliusH

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