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Oklahoma Center for the Book and Oklahoma Book Awards with Connie Armstrong

We're talking about the Oklahoma Center for the Book and the Oklahoma Book Awards with OCB Executive Director, Connie Armstrong. Connie has led the Center since 2009. She holds degrees in history and political sciences from the University of Oklahoma and the University of Central Oklahoma. The Oklahoma Center for the Book is a state affiliate of the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress, and is organized to focus attention on the vital role of books and reading in our lives. The Center promotes the past, current, and future works of Oklahoma authors; promotes the literary heritage of the state; and encourages reading for pleasure by Oklahomans of all ages.

In our conversation we talk about the work of the Center and the upcoming Awards, being held on April 22.

Connect with the Center for the Book: website | Twitter | Facebook

I’m taking a few episodes to highlight some other bookish podcasts by inviting hosts to provide reviews. Our review for this episode comes from Pamela Wilson, host of the Picky Bookworm, a podcast aimed at introducing lesser-known authors to the world through weekly chats. Pamela also owns The Picky Bookworm, a website dedicated to promotion of indie books, and editing and proofreading services. Her dream is to have a community where authors and bloggers alike can feel supported and encouraged.

Pamela reviews Falling Through The Weaving by Leia Talon.

Connect with Pamela: website | Twitter | Instagram

Mentioned on the show:

The Boy Who Carried Bricks - Alton Carter

Hannah E. Harrison

S.E. Hinton

Ralph Ellison

Alexander Lawrence Posey

Woody Guthrie

Angie Debo

John Berryman

Lynn Riggs

Dr. H. Wayne Morgan

Muriel Wright

Errol Gibson

Toni Hillerman

Rilla Askew

Bob Burke

Sheldon Russell

Michael Wallace

All that is Wicked - Kate Winkler Dawson

Sherlock Holmes

Barker & Llewelyn Novels - Will Thomas

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