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Storytelling and Comics w/ Buck Berlin

Today I get to introduce you to the owner of one of the great comic shops in Oklahoma - Buck Berlin from New World Comics in OKC. New World has been a fixture in Oklahoma City for decades and Buck has been its owner and chaos coordinator for the last couple of those. 

In our conversation we cover:

  • The origins of the store and what it has to offer

  • The comic creation scene in Oklahoma

  • The role Buck and a group of superhero cosplayers perform in the community

  • Advice for those just getting interested in comics

  • What to expect when you walk into a comic shop for the first time

  • The value of comics for reluctant readers

  • the significance of comics as a medium for storytelling

Connect with Buck at New World Comics: Facebook

New World Comic Con: website

Titles and Creators Mentioned on the Show:

Watchmen - Alan Moore

Maus - Art Spiegelman

Glamorella’s Daughter - Charles Martin and Jerry Bennett

Heathen - Natasha Alterici

The Black-Jack Demon - Nick Hermes

Scud the Disposable Assassin - Harmon, Carter, Schrab, Grey

Characters Mentioned on the Show:



The Crow




Captain America

Mr. Fantastic / Fantastic Four

Guardians of the Galaxy

Red Tornado

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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